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(Thanks go out to M.A.C.S. member I.E. for bringing the Ixquick Search Engine to our attention during the February meeting!)

Most of us use either Google or Yahoo, in order to search the Internet. However, there are many more Search Sites available. Some specialize in certain types of information, such as telephone lookup, and some have different ways of locating what you're looking for.

First, if you're using Google or Yahoo, let's make sure you're not working too hard. At the top-right corner of every Safari web page (unless you've removed it) there is a Search Field (text box) and it probably has the word "Google" in it. (See red circle on screenshot to the right.) Entering a search term in this box (and then pressing Return) is the

fastest way to search Google or Yahoo. (If you want to switch to Yahoo, simply pop-down the small triangle, located to the left of the word "Google".)

According to various reports on the Internet, most Search Sites keep a record of what you search for along with various pieces of information about your computer and location. Some sites even track which websites you visit BEFORE and AFTER you perform a search. A few sites, such as Ixquick and Yippy claim that they do not gather and keep your "search" or "personal" information.

Here are just a few Search Engine sites (in no particular order) which you may not be aware of (this is just a list, use at your own risk):

  • Zabra Search - Search for people
  • A9 - Search Amazon and more
  • Gigablast - a general search engine
  • Teoma - a general search engine
  • Side Step - "A Travler's search engine" Search for best prices on airline tickets, cruises, car rentals and more.
  • Factbites - Quizzes and everyday knowledge searches
  • Become - A shopping search engine
  • AOL Shopping - A shopping search engine
  • Dog Pile - a general search engine (Uses other Search Engines to find what you're looking for)
  • Zoom Info - Search people and companies
  • Altavista - a general search engine
  • Zapmeta - a general search engine
  • Info - a general search engine (Uses other Search Engines to find what you're looking for)
  • Ixquick - a general search engine (located in The Netherlands)
  • Yippy - a general search engine (located in Florida)
Posted: 1/8/11

Same Company, Two Prices! by Paul Rego

I was just looking up RAM prices for someone and noticed that MacMall and PC Mall had the exact same module, with their exact same "company part number" but with a $10 difference in price! Of course, the PC Mall price was less expensive! I sure wish more companies would treat Mac owners like real people and stop playing games!

Be sure to check the "MacMall Part #" and "PC Mall Part #". You can verify that both are showing the exact same RAM module by checking the "Mfr Part#".

The bottom here is if you're going to order something from MacMall. you may want to check the prices at PC Mall.

item7 item7

Remember to format (completely erase) your Mac's hard drive before installing Snow Leopard.

If you use any of Apple's "iLife" ($49) or "iWork" ($79) programs, you should also upgrade those programs as well. Apple offers a "Mac Box Set" which includes: Snow Leopard, iLife and iWork for a reduced price. This MacMall page shows an even lower price for this boxed set. If you're a M.A.C.S. member, be sure to contact our MacMall Corporate Account Representative. He may be able to shave a little more off this already reduced price. (Details are in the "Mail Order Discounts" file, found in our "Members Only" section.)


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